Your ideal education agents in Nigeria

Our educational agents can help you find the right university, college or school in diaspora and assist you with applying for a degree course.

Why use us!

Not only can we assist with the application process, we can also advise you on other matters such as visas, accommodation, travel and more.

What do you need to consider? 

We have formal working relationships with particular schools, colleges and universities. Meaning we know the application processes well, and should be able to help you effectively. If you already know where you want to study, choosing a school we represent will be ideal for you.

However, if you are interested in exploring lots of different schools and evaluating which one is best suited to you – make sure you peruse our full range of options, rather than just the particular schools, colleges or universities we represent.

Our Admissions team is here to help you – apply now

The application process to study abroad with Niospace is simple. Here’s how it works…

Your study abroad application in few easy steps

  1. Fill in your online application form with your chosen degree course and university.
  2. You’ll receive a confirmation email to let you know that we’ve received your application and information on providing the documents we’ll need to assess your application.
  3. Send us your documents via mail or WhatsApp whichever choice you prefer. 
  4. Once you’ve submitted your documents, you’ll receive a reply from one of our Enrollment Services team within two working days. If any additional documents are required, this is when you will be asked to supply them.
  5. Once you are granted admission by your school of choice, you’ll receive an offer letter with information on tuition fees and an accommodation deposit.
  6. Once you’ve paid your fees and met any offer conditions, we’ll put you through on how  you need to apply for your visa.
  7. If you have any further questions about your visa, please get in touch – our support team is happy to help!

Entry requirements

Didn’t get the grades to apply directly to university? Need a bit of support adjusting to the diaspora’s education system? Don’t worry, we can help! An undergraduate or postgraduate pathway program can be the perfect route to a degree.

The grades you need will vary depending on the university you choose and the type of degree you want to study. Individual course entry requirements are listed on every course page.

Not sure you have the right qualifications to study? Chat to one of our friendly team of advisors to discover your options.

English language requirements & Proof of funds

As well as academic entry requirements, each course will also have a required level of English. Your chosen degree or pathway program’s English language requirement will vary depending on the subject, university and course length.

Application deadlines

Depending on the school, we can still accept students up until the courses begins. In the US, you’ll need to confirm your place six weeks before the start date to ensure you don’t miss any classes. You’ll also need to get a visa – this can take several weeks depending on where you live and whether you are applying to the UK, Africa, US or Australia.

Our undergraduate study abroad programs will ensure you have the academic knowledge and language skills to succeed in your degree. You’ll receive additional support to move you successfully through to your chosen degree, ensuring that you are fully prepared to study at a great university in the UK, US or Australia.

Students who don’t meet the requirements for direct entry to a Master’s degree, or who want to refresh their language skills and knowledge, can choose from a selection of graduate study abroad programs, either with or without additional English language support, to prepare for a postgraduate degree from a UK or US university.

If you already meet the academic and English language requirements, you can apply for direct entry to a degree program at any of our partner universities in the US and Australia. Degree courses are also available in the UK, at selected universities.

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