Our commitment to accessibility as enshrined in our accessibility statement

Accessibility is a core part of inclusion – and it’s key to designing successful digital products and services. 

Here at Niospace we are committed to doing everything possible to ensure that the products and services we deliver are accessible to everyone – including everyone despite their disability as we consider the needs of disabled people at all stages of the project lifecycle.

We’re proud to have internal accessibility experts within each of our teams. These knowledgeable individuals help us drive better human and business outcomes through purposeful and inclusive digital products and services.

All staff benefit from the accessibility resources, checklists, and training we’ve developed in house. e work with People for Research, partnering to find diverse participants – including those with digital access needs – for user research and testing.

Our ongoing focus on website accessibility

We recently updated niospaceng.com to improve the accessibility of our website and visual brand. This included:

  • A new design, based on revised brand and style guidelines, paying close attention to colour (which now meets AAA criteria), spacing, fonts, and so on
  • A semantic, structured approach to content (although we have more to upgrade here)
  • Improving the accessibility of our content (for example, following best practice for alternative text for images)

The website was designed with mobile compatibility adherence, but accessibility is a process of ongoing improvement and refinement.  

We know that our site still has some accessibility problems, and we’re working to address these as soon as possible, with an initial focus on the likes of:

  • Videos that are missing text alternatives
  • Improving the accessibility of text- and image-based carousels
  • Missing alternative text for some linked images 
  • A need for hidden headings to provide additional context for screen reader users

We’ll continue to test and refine our site going forward, but if you experience any accessibility issues when using the site, please do let us know using our website contact form.

This accessibility statement was last updated in January 2022.