Insights helps our clients, brands and public figures understand their audience, the success of posts and the health of their online presence over time. Niospace Insights, gives you an incline to what posts your audience engages with, so you can make informed decisions about your strategy. It’s a great way to see what content gets the best results for your brand, and how you can build audience engagement.

Gain insight into your audience and your brand. What posts your audience engages with and make informed decisions about your strategy. See what content gets the best results for your Page and how you can build audience engagement.

Understand who viewed your brand and why. Track the total views on your brand, the comments on your business on a given day or date range, as well as when and where those comments likes are coming from.

The long term benefits of insights

You don’t waste time on data that is disposable
Spending your time on documenting findings instead of insights will generate lots of data. But most of the time those findings will lose their meaning when you finish your project or you finally capture enough to make sense of them. That’s because many findings are related to a specific feature or design solution and nowadays products and services change at a high pace.

You’ll get the most out of your client research
Insights have the ability to be more lasting and shareable than a list of findings hidden in research reports. When the underlying principle is similar, insights can be relevant for other departments, products and services within your organization. So you’ll have more impact with less research.

You know how to make products that people will love (and keep loving)
Only when the problem is clear, you can start to think of a solution. When you know why users behave the way they do and what they are looking for, formulating the right user requirements or recommendations will be a breeze. And it will also helps you define the right strategies to develop your product or service in a way that creates most value to your clients.