SMS broadcasting is a technique of sending short message service (SMS) or text messages in bulk to many recipients. Essentially, you can broadcast a whole message and broadcast to several readers with just a click. Some people are still clinging to the old way of communication and have refused advancing to more easier means of communication. SMS broadcasts gives an opportunity to still keep these individuals in the loop.

Broadcast text messages can be used for many occasions. It presents a lot of opportunities that are otherwise unavailable on other channels, namely SMS marketing. Even though most people prefer emails to communicate promotional information with others, it does not have nearly the same immediacy as text messages. Not to mention, that when compared to sms messages, the open rates for email are lackluster.

sms broadcasts ensures both immediacy and high response rate which is an opportunity in and of itself for people to use it as a channel to communicate with people. With SMS broadcast services, you can target people through their geolocation and send text messages to them promoting whatever it is you want to get the word about. For example, if you are coordinating an upcoming event, using mobile broadcasting can help you get in touch with local people in the area and let them know about it.

Message broadcasting can be used for other business opportunities as well. Most of the time, it is used in case of emergencies to send alerts to mobile phones in the area of the emergency.